Since 1998, men from all walks of life and with a wide range of musical talent have come together for the joy of singing and the desire to give back to our community.  With more than 60 singing members, the Chorus presents two (2) regular, free concerts performing annually to live audiences of between 650 and 750 people. 

CMC rehearses on Monday evenings from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. at Woodland Heights Baptist Church, 4215 Prince Street, at the corner of Hogan Road and Prince Street in Conway, Arkansas.  Rehearsals begin for the Fall season on the second Monday in September ending with the concert performance and, after a Holiday break, resume on the first Monday in February ending with the concert performance.

The chorus does not require an audition, and enrollment is open at the beginning of each chorus season.

The chorus is directed by Jordan Bennett, and accompanied by Paul Bradley.

 Q. Do you have to read music to be a singing member?
A. Singing members do not have to read music to join the Conway Men’s Chorus. The Chorus does ask that all members have a commitment to the mission of the organization, the willingness to learn, and the desire to perform for our community.

Q.  Do I have to audition to join?
A.  No.  However, the Music Director and/or an Assistant Director will offer special sessions to  test your vocal ability and range, sight reading ability and tonal memorization so as to help best place you in the proper section  These sessions are provided a half-hour prior to the start of a rehearsal during the first 2-3 rehearsal sessions. 

Q.  When can I join the Chorus?
A.  CMC presents two (2) regular concerts each season.  At the beginning of each concert period, the Chorus accepts new singing members.


Q.  How is the Chorus funded?

 A. The Conway Men’s Chorus is mostly self-funded through donations of time and money from its members as well as partially funded through the generous sponsorships and donations from local businesses and concert patrons. If you are interesting in funding the chorus, please fill out a Chorus Giving Form and mail to the address shown there.


Q.  Do you take donations? How can I help?
A. The Conway Men’s Chorus is a non-profit arts organization. As such the organization is happy to receive any contribution to support its efforts.  Contributions fall into two categories:  Concert Sponsorships and Patron Donations.  Information on becoming a sponsor or making a donation to the organization, is located on the Supporters page here.

Q. Can I advertise to the members of the Conway Men’s Chorus?
A. Direct solicitations to the membership or the member mailing list is not permitted. 

How can I get more information? Call us at at (501) 327 – 5151.  You can also send us an e-mail at